Successful Wartsila 46 V12 36,000-Hour Service

Celebrating the successful completion of another milestone, our team has concluded a comprehensive 36,000-hour service for the Wartsila 46 V12 engine. This service marks the largest engine overhaul undertaken by the Dover division to date, involving a meticulous inspection and replacement of critical components such as heads, pistons, liners, big ends, and mains. The intricacies continued as the camshaft was removed, and intermediate gears underwent replacement, all of which were meticulously re-timed.

The culmination of these efforts was validated through rigorous engine trials, which were completed with precision and expertise. As a result, our customers are not only satisfied but delighted with the impeccable service provided.

A huge thank you to the entire team for their unwavering dedication and commitment to ensuring the timely and successful completion of this project. Yet another testament to our commitment to excellence and another satisfied customer added to our list of achievements.

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