Shaft Generator Removal and Replacement

Successfully completing a highly intricate task, our team undertook the removal and replacement of a shaft generator for Alternator Rewind. This challenging project involved a complex lift of an alternator weighing 9 tonnes, coupled with a rotor tipping the scales at 4 tonnes. The precision of the operation was paramount as the lift had to be carefully manoeuvred off the back of a lorry and navigated down two decks, traversing a machinery space.


Operating under constraints of limited time and space, our team utilised 5-tonne chain blocks with meticulous skill. The rotor was fitted with new bearings, and the entire assembly underwent laser alignment conducted by SKF. Rigorous testing and a successful run culminated in the completion of yet another heavy lift.

Kudos to the entire team and all involved parties for their dedication and expertise in executing this complex operation seamlessly.

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